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Window Tinting in Houston TX

Window Tinting in Houston TX

The Cost of Sun Damage and Fading on Your Car

The Cost of Damage and Fading From the Sun

Anyone who owns a vehicle should be aware of the danger presented by the sun. Something as simple as the sun’s rays can fade, warp or damage both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. A small window tinting investment now can protect your ride and prevent pricey repairs down the line.

How the Sun Harms the Interior of Vehicles

As the sun shines on your unprotected vehicle throughout the year, it compromises the integrity of your seat cushions, steering wheel, dashboard, armrest and other parts of the interior. Ultraviolet radiation, along with the intense heat that builds up in the car, often results in costly damages.

In particular, dashboards commonly fade as they receive extensive exposure to the sun’s rays and heat. The sunlight that shines on the dashboard is intensified even more by the presence of the windshield directly overhead.

In some instances, the heat will cause the dashboard’s material to crack or split. The same is true of leather seats that become dried out by sun exposure.

How the Sun Impacts the Exterior of the Vehicle

The vehicle’s paint is also at risk when exposed to the sun’s rays. The darker colors like black and blue are especially sensitive to the sun. Even the plastic components on the vehicle can age or malfunction due to prolonged sun exposure. Anything from vehicle luggage racks to fenders and bumpers can fade over time.

Ultraviolet radiation, along with the intense heat that builds up in the car often results in costly damages.

Don’t Be Tempted By a DIY Fix

Once your vehicle’s paint or interior components begin to fade from extended sun exposure, you will likely start trying to figure out how to remedy the problem.

Sure, some color repair products can be applied to certain types of car seats. They might protect them from further damage and provide a short-term aesthetic improvement. Waxing the car’s paint can also help guard against sun damage.

A sensible and more permanent solution to combat sun damage to the interior is window tint or a clear bra paint protection film. Though it is tempting to attempt a DIY-style fix, the end result won’t look nearly as good as the work of a professional. A window tint expert will get the job done in much less time that it will take doing it yourself. A professional will diagnose the problem, assess possible solutions and apply custom window tint as agreed.

Lean on the Professionals at Executive Motorsports

You have invested your hard-earned money in your vehicle. Take its protection one step further with the proper window film and window tinting. Executive Motorsports is here to help you ensure that the integrity of your vehicle’s interior is not compromised.

Work with our team to figure out the best level of window tint protection for your upholstery, dashboard and other interior surfaces. Contact us today for more information about how we can improve the look and feel of your vehicle.