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Window Tinting in Houston TX

Window Tinting in Houston TX

The BlackMax Warranty & the Competition

The BlackMax Warranty & the Competition

BlackMax window tinting and films are among the most respected in the marketplace because they’re durable and come with an industry-leading warranty. When compared to other standard entry level window films and their warranties, BlackMax outperforms and lasts longer. These reasons and others make BlackMax the logical choice for window tinting and enhancement.

The BlackMax Warranty

One of the major concerns associated with window tinting is durability and reliability because peeling or bubbling film is unsightly and doesn’t do anyone much good. That’s why the BlackMax warranty of 8 years is so impressive because it almost guarantees long-lasting performance. It can be argued that BlackMax film is the perfect balance of durability and performance, based on the protection afforded by the warranty. Not all window tinting brands can deliver a warranty with this type of extended protection.

Long-lasting Performance

According to USA Today, vehicles are lasting longer than ever before with a current car life expectancy of 11.5 years. This makes the process of window tinting important because the film needs to last a long time to match the performance of vehicles. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money removing old tint and replacing it. Given that the standard BlackMax warranty is eight years, it matches well with the long-lasting life of vehicles on the road.

Given that the standard BlackMax warranty is eight years, it matches well with the long-lasting life of vehicles on the road.

BlackMax films come in different shades and layers of protection, which allows you to customize the look and feel of your vehicle. It also allows you to comply with your state rules and regulations regarding the dimness of your windows. The flexibility and quality you get is the ideal way to protect your vehicle. Overall, the performance and durability of BlackMax tinting sets the brand apart from other competitors in the marketplace.

Warranty Comparison

A standard limited warranty offered by Huper Optics, which is a bigger manufacturer in the window tinting industry, is five years. This warranty comes with special rules and stipulations, and it only covers your windows under specific conditions. The BlackMax standard warranty is eight years, which gives you more protection, and it doesn’t have nearly as many fine-print restrictions. A lot can happen in three years, and having the extra protection will save money removing and replacing your tinting before you decide to sell or trade-in your vehicle.

The BlackMax warranty is among the best in the industry, which makes this window film the ideal solution for automotive, architectural and security applications. It’s hard to find a window tinting that can last almost as long as the vehicle. For additional information about window tinting and warranties, please contact us today.

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