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Window Tinting in Houston TX

Window Tinting in Houston TX

Protect Your Car With a SunTek Paint Protection Kit


Your car’s exterior is on the front line of a battle that is waged every day between the forces of nature and its shiny coat. No matter how well you take care of it, an errant rock or an unseen tree branch can have damaging effects. Until just a few years ago, your only options were a bulky, gas-mileage lowering car bra, or a clear protection film that covered just the front edge of your vehicle’s exterior. With the new paint protection kits available for your vehicle from SunTek, however, you can protect the whole of your automobile, keeping the shine and luster that your car had when it rolled off the dealer’s lot.

The First Cut is the Deepest

Anyone who has ever taken better care of their car’s body than their own knows the pain. Washing or waxing the outside, you find a slight scratch in the topcoat, or maybe you find rock chips around the leading edge of the hood. No matter what you try, from those as-seen-on-TV paint scratch removers to touch-up paint, you likely won’t be able to get your vehicle’s paint job back to the perfection you desire. That is why it’s so important to protect that investment. To ensure that your paint job always looks as good as the day you brought the car home, invest in a paint protection kit from SunTek. The top coat of the SunTek paint protection system resists light scratches and is self-healing when it comes to deeper scratches. Just apply light heat to any scratched area, and the film heals itself to keep providing outstanding protection.

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Advantages of the SunTek System

SunTek’s paint protection film protects your car’s finish from all those little, unseen environmental factors that can damage your paint without you even knowing. Road salt, rocks, insects and other road debris don’t stand a chance against SunTek. It’s a crystal-clear film that is unrivaled by any other product.

At Executive Motorsports, we can install a SunTek kit on your car. There’s a surprising optical clarity that the film brings to your paint job, so it’s not only protecting your car’s exterior, but augmenting it as well. There’s even a five-year warranty on the film, which is guaranteed not to bubble, yellow or lose gloss.

Road salt, rocks, insects and other road debris don't stand a chance against SunTek. It's a crystal-clear film that is unrivaled by any other product.

For more information about our paint protection kit installations, or to schedule your car’s appointment, contact Executive Motorsports in Houston today at 713-467-7000. And make sure you visit our Groupon page for the latest deals.

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