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Window Tinting in Houston TX

Window Tinting in Houston TX

How Your Car Windows are Losing Their Battle Against the Sun

How Your Car Windows are Losing Their Battle Against the Sun

For about 250 days or more per year, the hot Texan sun beats down mercilessly on people and vehicles alike. That brutal heat can be dangerous for more than just your paint job. The interior of your vehicle can also be greatly damaged by excessive exposure to UV rays unless you have proper window film professionally installed to protect your seats and other vehicle interior surfaces.

The cost of repairing this damage can mount up quickly, especially if you have leather seats or high-end interior finishes or if your vehicle has extensive damage from the sun.

Types of Glass

While many people believe that glass itself blocks UV rays, this is not strictly true. It only blocks UVB rays and allows the majority of UVA rays to pass straight through. However, the amount of UV rays that pass through glass can vary based on the type of glass: clear, reflective or tinted.

  • Clear glass provides the least protection from UVA rays, allowing up to 75 percent of these damaging rays to pass through.
  • Reflective glass, or glass that you can see through much better in one direction than in the other one, does block more UVA rays, but still allows up to 50 percent to pass.
  • Tinted glass can keep out nearly four times as many UVA light rays than clear glass, making window tinting the most effective way to protect both your vehicle and yourself from these destructive rays

Interior Sun Damage

Both UVA and UVB rays can wreak havoc on your car’s interior, causing cracking and fading in the dashboard, on seats and in the headliner. Once peeling starts, it can be difficult if not impossible to bring the interior back to its former beauty without replacement or extensive (and expensive!) repairs.

While windshields are often fabricated with built-in protection from both UVA and UVB rays, side and rear windows are most often made with clear, non-laminated glass which allows the majority of the UVA rays to pass through.

You can limit the amount of sun damage to your car by leaving your vehicle under a carport or in a garage whenever possible. If you're out and about, try to park in the shade.

Left-Side Tan

Have you ever noticed that when you’re driving your vehicle a great deal, you end up with a better tan or more freckles on the left-hand side of your body, the side that is exposed through your driver’s side window? This isn’t your imagination. Unfortunately, it is a side effect of the poor UVA blocking ability of the window.

Something else you may not want to think about: UVA rays are the ones that cause wrinkles and cancer. Even though you may wear sunscreen at all times when you’re out in the sun, do you wear it while you’re driving? If you’re like most people, probably not. Professionally installed auto window tint will provide UV protection for you, your family and even pets!

Limiting Damage

While there are a lot of challenges to keeping both yourself and your vehicle safe from the damaging effects of the sun, there are some tactics that will help, such as:

  • Leave your vehicle under a carport or in a garage whenever possible
  • Park in the shade when you’re at work or out and about
  • Add a Clear Bra paint and finish protectant to keep your vehicle looking new on the outside
  • Protect leather seats by conditioning them often to prevent cracks and tears
  • Keep your car cool with a windshield sun protector
  • Add seat covers to keep your seats from fading and to protect from stains
  • Consider window tinting from Executive Motorsports as another way to keep both your vehicle’s interior and your family safe from damaging UV rays


At Executive Motorsports, we are dedicated to keeping our customers safe both on and off the road. When you are ready to learn more about window tinting or applying a Clear Bra application to protect your vehicle, contact us at 713-467-7000.

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