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Window Tinting in Houston TX

Easy Ways to Cool Down Your Car

Easy Ways to Cool Down Your Car

Sometimes a shaded place to park just isn’t available, leaving the inside of your car to get unbearably hot. Getting into a car full of hot air is never a pleasant experience and can be even more difficult if you are traveling with children or pets.

Here are a few window tint alternative tips and tricks to quickly cool down your car so you can drive in complete comfort this summer. Though some may sound funny or require a little bit more time before you leave.

Open and Close Doors

This method is one of the most efficient ways to quickly cool down the car. Open up all of the car doors. Leaving the doors on one side open, quickly open and close the doors on the other side. The movement of the doors will rapidly expel the hot air and draw cooler air into the car.

Use Sunshades and Blankets

Plastic sunshades are a basic and inexpensive way to keep the heat of the sun out of your car while you are parked. They mimic auto window film by creating a sun barrier and often come in plain metallic, fashionable designs or fun pictures for kids.

Another way to keep the interior cool is to cover the seats with blankets while you are parked. The blankets will absorb the heat while you are away. When you’re ready to drive again you can throw the blankets in the trunk and enjoy the comfortable temperature of the seats.

You can quickly cool down your car using this simple trick.

Use the AC

The most common way to cool the car is use the AC. You can quickly cool down the car by blasting out the hot air first, and then use the AC to cool down the inside. To do this, lower the windows, and set the AC to the fresh air setting. Increase the fan speed to max and set the AC at its coolest setting.

Once the hot air has been driven out and the temperature has become more tolerable, roll up the windows and set the AC to recirculate, and adjust the AC to whatever temperature you’d like.

Wipe the Seats with Water

When you come back to your hot car, wipe or spray the interior with water. The water will evaporate and carry away some of the heat.

If at all possible, avoid parking your car in direct sunlight. If the temperature outside is 80 degrees, the temperature inside the car can be up to 120 degrees once the heat gets trapped inside. That level of heat can be harmful to you and to the interior of your car over periods of long exposure.

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All of these methods offer some cooling benefits—and possibly a few spectator laughs—for vehicles without any properly applied auto window tint. The great thing about professional window tinting is that it adds UV protection to only those areas where you need it, such as where the sun penetrates a vehicle—the windows!

Executive Motorsports is your Houston window film expert. Did you know that window film can help block heat and harmful UV rays from your car? Contact us today to find out if window tinting is the best option for you to keep your car’s temperatures under control.

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