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Window Tinting in Houston TX

Window Tinting in Houston TX

BlackMax Window Film’s Best Features — Part 2

BlackMax Window Film's Best Features — Part 2

In our last blog, we discussed two of the benefits of BlackMax carbon window tint. This included reduced sun exposure for your car and reduced fading. But there’s more to love about BlackMax window film. If you are looking to install window tint on your vehicle, it is important to take the time to learn about various products. This will help you to find the window film that is best for your needs. So what else makes BlackMax stand out? Take a look.


Ceramic window tinting is replacing traditional dye and metal-based window tints. You may find yourself wondering why this is and why this is a benefit. The answer is quite simple.When the sun hits dyed film or a metal-based tint, the metal-based tint due to the reflective looks of the metal material in the film can reflect some portions of the sun heat but the properties of metal, are very bad at dispersing heat. Therefore, once the metal material in the tint is heated up, it will take a long time to cool down your cabin because your AC has work twice harder to cool down both the metal tint and your car cabin which is hot after being parked under the sun for long periods of time. Another type of tint is dyed based film, they are non-reflective therefore will not be able to reflect much sunlight but they are not able to resist heat so after some time of being exposed to sunlight, heat will penetrate through the film and through your vehicle window eventually heating up the whole cabin. Secondly, dyed film is prone to color fading due to UV rays exposure so once the film starts to fade, their abilities to block heat also decreases.

BlackMax window film is 100 percent metal film, which means you won't have to worry about your tint job messing with your cellphone or GPS.

Metal Free

The other benefit to BlackMax ceramic products is that their ceramic products are 100 percent metal-free. As was mentioned above, a ceramic product helps to keep your car cooler. However, this isn’t the only benefit. Many of us use items in our car that need a signal, such as a cell phone, satellite radio or GPS. Unfortunately, metal can mess with the signals needed to power these devices, interfering with the waves and impeding your signal.

The latest technology in window film uses Nano-Ceramic materials. These materials are expensive but they have an excellent properties of resisting and dispersing heat to its surrounding so even though your car cabin is hot after being parked under the sun for long period of time, once you start the car, turn on the AC and drive away, in a matter of minutes your car cabin will cool down significantly. BlackMax Ceramic film is made of 80% Nano-Ceramic materials in composition, and although they are a tad more expensive than dyed or metallic films, they are definitely worth it. These types of window films are the most effective at keeping your car cool than any other kind on the market.

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